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Review - Land Rover Defender 110

Land Rover Defender D240 S (£54,200 as tested)

Recently I had chance to test drive a new Defender 110. Ever since I’d seen a preproduction version of this car, I was very interested in getting my hands on one.

My first impressions, I love the design, purposeful yet elegant. It carries styling features from the old car, but fits them into a new, very Land Rover design. It doesn't look out of place in a city centre, or out in the countryside.

The interior is hard wearing but pleasant to be in. There are cubby holes aplenty, the centre console and touch screen work well together and it’s packed with tech. Shout out to the 360° camera! I did find the seats to be too firm, they have lots of adjustment but I couldn’t get comfy. I suspect they are designed to wear very well so maybe they will soften over time.

On road manners are brilliant, the old car handled like a wayward pig. But this feels planted, and although large it does shrink around you. Around town it’s a pleasure, the ride is firm but deals with pot holes and ruts with ease. On bigger roads the ride settles even more giving you confidence in the corners as well as a good cruising ability.

The D240 engine is smooth, has enough power to get you moving and performs overtakes well. One niggle I do have is the occasionally hiccup from the gearbox, downshifting for no reason, only to immediately change back up. I averaged 30mpg across a mix of roads and terrains, respectable for a car this size.

NVH levels are a huge improvement over its predecessor, for the most part the cabin is quiet and vibration free. I did notice a rattle from the front doors as well as fair amount of wind noise at motorway speeds.

Off-road capability is stellar. Raise the suspension, pop it in low range and pick your terrain. I picked out a couple of local trails and had zero problems with them. The suspension and chassis iron out anything you come across, its off-roading on easy mode.

I’m very impressed overall. A vast improvement over the old car little and only some minor niggles. For the price I can’t think of another car that has this blend of usability, capability and great design.

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