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£5k Heroes - Cadillac Sedan DeVille

American, two tone, big V8. No its neither a Cobra, Mustang, or Camaro but its probably just as fun. If you're into that sort of thing...

Granted its no muscle car, but its still somewhat of an icon. The last of the full size, rear wheel drive, land yacht type sedans that Cadillac were famous for. The Deville line dates back to 1949, with the first production generation being launched in 1959. Over the years the car lost its flairs, and arguably most of its style until being axed in 2005.

This fifth generation was made from 1977 till 1984 and sold around 107,000 4 door models. The years haven't been particularly kind to this one though, but with slightly rusted two tone bodywork, some questionable pinstriping on the boot and whitewall tyres, it still has a certain boat like majesty to it.

Continuing the nautical theme the inside is full of wood, sofa like seating and a steering wheel that doesn't so much steer the car, more help you set its course. Despite the questionable quality the interior is still way more comfortable than modern luxury cars, there's no sporty bolsters here, just a big pillow topped bench seat.

Under the bonnet is a typically large V8 that'll see single mpg figures whilst not going even remotely fast. But what it lacks in performance it makes up for in simplicity, you can probably fix 90% of issues with a hammer and flat head screw driver.

As unkind as I have been about this hunk of metal, I do kind of like it. It's so ridiculous, so comically slow, so ungainly, yet it has a charm of sorts. It reminds me of naff 80s car chases and terrible American films. For £2950 I reckon its well worth a dabble.

If you fancy impersonating Huggy Bear, but don't wanna spend the dough head on over to eBay and check it out -

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