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£5k Heroes - Citroën Dyane

I’ve been baking a lot of bread recently, and after a recent birthday gift I’ve even made baguettes with a Frenchman over Zoom. Maybe its all the yeast I’ve inhaled, but suddenly naff old French cars have become appealing.

Most people immediately think of the 2CV when you're talking about sub par French motors, but they are almost charming enough to get away with being utterly awful. I’m instead going to plump for this Dyane Cote D” Azur. Still a Citroën, but not as cute.

Manufactured from 1967 to 1983, over 1.4 million Dyane’s were produced. Essentially an evolution of the 2CV, the Dyane was set squarely to compete with the Renault 4. Hence the updated styling and revised rear hatchback.

This particular model is one of the rarest in the line up. The Cote D” Azur was a last of the line celebration for the UK market, and with only 200 produced, it's got exclusivity a Bugatti can only dream of.

Being based on the Dyane 6 you get a whopping 32hp and a 75mph top speed, which is more than sufficient enough for nipping to the boulangerie or your local vineyard. I don't think you would want this to be any faster anyway, its not exactly built for speed.

This ones a little rough, but it’s under budget and I’d imagine there’s some room to haggle. It’s got the best ride of anything this side of a Phantom, and I’m pretty sure no one would steal it. There’s nothing in the way of creature comforts, but who cares? It’s different, its ugly, its utterly mad, and that’s enough.

If you fancy buying this car, it can be found here:

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