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Depreciation Watch - BMW X7

Now I'll admit this is somewhat low hanging fruit. We all know that BMW's especially new ones have some stratospheric depreciation. But this is an SUV, so surely its got great residuals? Erm...

The X7 is BMW's entry into the luxury SUV market, a full size behemoth with possibly the largest grille in the segment. Base price was north of £75k, and a smattering of options can see you well into £90k. Firmly aimed at Range Rovers and Audi Q7s, it's the most luxurious SUV BMW have ever made.

This specific car has all the options you'd ever need, plus more. The Offroad Pack (Like that's ever going to get used), MSport Pro Pack (Some chintzy bits and huge wheels), Visibility Pack (Frickin laser headlights),Tech Pack (Bumping Stereo), Premium Pack (Posh seats) the list goes on and on.

Thankfully the interior is much better looking than the outside. With more tech than a commercial jet, comfy seats and a huge boot it's perfect for road trips with the whole family. The x40i engine gives adequate performance and with the ZF 8 speed it delivers the power as smooth as butter.

It does however lose all those plus points because it has possibly the cheapest looking window switches I've ever seen, I'm pretty sure they've raided the 1 Series parts bin and broke out the rattle cans.

Listed at Bowker BMW Preston for £69,950 with just 24 miles on the clock this X7 represents a relative bargain. With all its packs and a list price of £76,655, this car would have retailed around £90,095.

Depreciation comes in at £839.38 per mile... But if you fancy a full loaded luxury SUV and you really want a BMW, then this is surely a good buy?

The X7 slots in at number 8 on the depreciation watch leader board:

To check out the other cars please search for #depreciationwatch on Instagram!

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