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Depreciation Watch - V8 Vantage AMR Hero

It's been a while since I've hunted down some of the worst depreciating cars, but I'm back, and this week its an Aston Martin V8 Vantage AMR Hero.

The new V8 Vantage stirs up mixed emotions, I love the rear 3/4 view and with a proper beefy AMG sourced V8 it should be fantastic. But that front end seems to spoil the whole car, its too much MX5 crossed with catfish for me.

Looks aside, they are quite a good car. 503bhp and 505lb ft are respectable numbers, as is the 4.0 0-60mph, and with a chassis developed under Matt Becker (Ex Lotus) the Vantage has the sporting credentials it always lacked.

This example I've found is an AMR Hero version, which on first look seems to be just a mishmash of visual tweaks. But look a little deeper and you'll spot a lever, 3 pedals and some carbon ceramic brakes. Yep this ones a manual, which this side of a Mustang you really are going to struggle to find another new Manual V8 coupe on sale.

Listed by Aston Martin Newcastle at a price of £126,995 with just 150 miles on the clock, this is a relative bargain. Original list price was £149,995 with a total of 200 cars being built its got exclusivity a 911 owner can only dream of.

Deprecation comes in at £153.33 per mile, which is a lot. It's probably going to lose more over the next few years, but being a limited numbers manual Aston, its almost guaranteed to be a modern classic. Just don't reverse park it anywhere, you'll miss the best bit!

The Vantage slots in at number 13 on the depreciation watch Leader Board:

To check out the other cars please search for #depreciationwatch on Instagram!

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