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Discount Watch - Renault Megane Trophy-R

When it comes to mad hatchbacks the French know a thing or two, especially Renault's RS division. Since the mid 90s they've been turning mundane hatchbacks into some of the most rewarding yet mad cars out there, I mean who puts a V6 in the back of a Clio?

What we have here is another example of that madness, the latest Megane Trophy-R. Limited to just 500 examples the Trophy-R was built with one goal in mind, to be the fastest Front Wheel Drive car around the infamous Nürburgring.

Compared to the standard Trophy, the R is a130 kilos lighter, a smidge more powerful and has the fabled Ohlins dampers. Every area of the car has been trimmed down or slimmed in some way. With the exterior wearing numerous carbon parts and the interior losing its rear seats, gaining lightweight Sabelts up front and even shrinking the infotainment screen.

All this tweaking wasn't in vain however, in 2019 the car set a 7m 40.1s time at the hands of Laurent Hurgon, its well worth a watch as it shows how capable this car is.

An impressive time no doubt, especially when you consider that its over 2 seconds faster than a Porsche Cayman GT4 (981).

The list price was shall we say, lots. £51,140, yes you read that correctly. But it gets a little more mad, if you wanted the same car that set the ring time you needed to stretch the wallet some more and add the carbon wheels (£12k), and the carbon brakes (£9k).

The car we have here has had the carbon wheels option box ticked, and just look at them. Manufactured by Carbon Revolution the CR9 wheel is 2kg lighter than the standard Renault wheel, contributing to a huge saving in unsprung. But for gods sake don't kerb them, they are £2k each to replace and as yet no one can repair them.

Helpfully Renault throw in the standard wheels so that you can pop to the shops without fear of kerbs, potholes or enterprising wheel thieves. They are even kind enough to put them in some handy bags and strap them in the back, see not having rear seats is handy.

Renault Solihull have this car listed at £52,500, meaning you get the Carbon wheels for free!

The downside is that you still have to pay over £50k for a Megane. Dare I say its worth it, its just one of 32 UK cars and it's possibly the maddest Renault ever made, that in itself is something worth paying for. If you're feeling flush and slightly mad the car can be found here.

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